Kevin Hunter painting at the Gold Coast Art Fair

    You're here because you and I share something really important! A love of art. When did you really turn on to art? Was there an event that stands out for you?


    I've had at least five big turn ons in my life: as a child when I first began to play with my grandmother's European watercolours in their special lead tubes; when I learned how profound the art of drawing can be from my art teacher at Wheaton Central, children's book illustrator Robert Baumgartner; when I discovered sculpture under the tutelage of Robert Blakely and Frank Gallo at University of Illinois; when I stumbled into Robert Rauschenberg's 2-Furlong piece in New York and was completely transported; and when I discovered the work of the Dutch Golden Age painters while working with Michael Van Zeyl at Palette and Chisel in Chicago.


    It's great to revisit those memories every so often isn't it? I find it re-kindles my passion for this great venture.


    I love the idea that I use alchemical elements; essentially forms of dirt, plants and oil to do what I do. I feel tied to that ancestor of ours who, 40,000 years ago, stooped to scoop a handful of dirt and charcoal from the floor of a cave and began to draw on the wall.


    What we as artists do is older than any religion, form of government or regimen of thinking. I think that's pretty amazing!


    In my own work, what motivates me is the beauty created by light falling on form. That's it. No deep conceptual stuff, no axe to grind or activism. I paint stuff that makes me want to grab you by the shoulder and say, "Oh, look at that!!"


    I'm glad you're here, and I hope you enjoy what you see as much as I enjoyed creating it!!


    My work stands in direct confrontation to the overstimulated lives we lead. We are bombarded with images from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep. Most are not of our own choosing. I make paintings of meditative simplicity and purity of design: light, form and the ebb and flow of natural life. Paintings that give you time to hear crickets, the murmur of a creek; paintings that tickle your taste buds. My paintings point out to you something that I've found so beautiful that I just have to say, "OH - LOOK - AT - THAT!"
Kevin Hunter at a plein air site